Psychology A Concise Introduction with Built In Study Guide

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  • Good value for students and Instructors
    May 31, 2012
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    I was attracted to this text because of its low cost to students. But I adopted it for my Psychology course because it covers the content I want to teach. It is a concise text (barely 400 pages) so it does not cover all the topics found in larger psychology books, but this is not a problem. I used to have to pick and choose which bits to skip in my previous text books, which was fine, but seemed wasteful. With Griggs this is not an issue. I can rely on the text to give the students a sufficient background in each content area, leaving me room to embellish where I want to. Each chapter is about 40 pages (including a study guide and mini quiz), which is quite manageable for the students. It is quite reasonable to expect the students to come to class having read the material. My students have responded positively to the book commenting that they find it easy and entertaining to read.

    The ancillaries for the instructor are good: a teacher’s manual, a fairly reasonable test bank, PowerPoint slides of the textbook illustrations etc. The book reps were very willing to furnish me with DVDs of the video clips and software that are referred in the teacher manual, along with other Psychology video clips from Worth.

    I have taught with the book.
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